Laser Dentistry

LASER DENTISTRY IMAGEBurke Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offers laser dentistry to treat discolored teeth, cavities, periodontal problems and cavities with precision and speed. Throughout the procedure, you will feel very little pain or discomfort, if any, and our laser techniques dramatically shorten your recover time compared to traditional dental procedures. Effective, convenient and fast, laser dentistry gives you a more radiant, healthy smile with a minimal time investment.

Periodontal surgery was once difficult and painful, necessitating many office visits and a long recovery time. Today, laser technology allows us to treat gum disease effectively and quickly with minimal pain. You can resume normal activities almost immediately!

In addition to treating periodontal disease and infections, Dr. Lu relies on laser technology to contour and shape the gums, creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance and symmetry in the gum line.

One of the most feared dental procedures is a root canal, but laser technology often eliminates the need for dental drills completely. During the procedure, Dr. Lu uses a laser to form a gap in the natural crown of the tooth. She then removes the inflamed or infected dental pulp and seals the tooth permanently with a crown to relieve pain and prevent future infections. Any anxieties or worries you may have had about undergoing the procedure will be replaced with relief at how convenient and comfortable the treatment is thanks to laser technology.

Offering laser technology is just part of our commitment to providing the best care for our patients. By combining compassion, personalized attention and technology, we can better serve your needs and ease any fears you have about dental procedures and treatments.

We look forward to having the opportunity to serve your dental needs. For additional questions, please refer to our Dental Health Center section of our web site, or for appointment requests or additional enquiries please call 703.764.1112 or send us an email.