Single Visit Dental Crowns with CEREC®

Saving patients time with our in-office CEREC® system, which allows our Springfield dentists to create custom-fit, high-quality ceramic restorations in just one visit.


Dental crowns are the solution for broken, decaying or damaged teeth that still have healthy roots. A damaged tooth can be saved by being repaired with a dental crown that will restore its appearance and function. And now, thanks to CEREC® technology, Dr. Lu at Burke Family & Cosmetic Dentistry can repair a tooth with a dental crown in just one office visit.

Dental crowns have been a common treatment for many years, and they traditionally involve a two-step process of an exam and taking of impressions of the tooth, followed by the placement of the crown at a second appointment. In between is a waiting period while the crown is actually being made in a laboratory. That can mean days, or even weeks between appointments, plus additional fees for laboratory work.

CEREC® changes all that. The acronym stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or, CEramic REConstruction. CEREC® makes same day crowns possible through the use of computer technology. The design and manufacture of the dental crown is done in the dental office, so that the entire process from the exam and impressions to placement of the crown can be done in one appointment.

For patients, the process of getting a CEREC® crown is not only faster, but it’s easier, too. Gone is the tray that you bite down on for the impressions. Instead, the impressions are taken digitally with a camera. The CEREC® software designs the crown and it is made by the CEREC® machine. The dentist can then place the crown.

It is important to remember that the speed of getting a CEREC® crown is entirely due to digital technology. The same high-quality materials that are used for other permanent crowns are used for CEREC® crowns. With proper care, CEREC® crowns are as durable and long-lasting as lab-made crowns. They can be color-matched to your teeth and will look natural and undetectable from your other teeth. Most importantly, a CEREC® crown restores a damaged tooth to full strength and good health, preventing it from further damage and the risk of needing extraction.

If you live in the Springfield, VA area and would like to learn more about CEREC® same day crowns or set up an appointment, give us a call now.