Cosmetic Dentistry

Today the advancements in cosmetic dentistry can correct, restore and brighten your smile. The smile you want and deserve can be possible with restorative and cosmetic dental treatments with Dr. Lu. We invite you to learn about the possibilities.

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“Over the years, I’d had veneers and dental crowns put in at different times to help fix my smile. My top and bottom rows of teeth looked totally different. I decided I needed a whole new solution for my smile, one that matched! Dr. Lu provided that solution for me. My smile looks better than ever now!”

—Hammad, Newington, VA

Hammad had had various dental work done over the years but none of it created the seamless smile he was looking for. “The patching up approach only worked so well,” he says of his past smile.

Dr. Lu and Hammad discussed his perfect smile. “She worked with me to create a complete smile, not just parts of one. It was the best investment I ever made.”

After restoring his smile with new veneers and whitening so that everything perfectly matched, Hammad says he can’t believe he lived with his former smile for so many years. “I now have total confidence in my smile. It looks completely natural, not patched together. It was worth every penny. Thanks, Dr. Lu!”

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