Sports Lover? Eat These Snacks During the Game!

Do you love sports as much as we do? People prepare for the big game in all kinds of ways. You may attend a party, make a dish for a friend’s get-together, or just relax at home with family. Regardless, having some snacks during the game is as essential as having popcorn during a movie! [...]

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Extracting Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth occur when the third molars, commonly called wisdom teeth, come in improperly. They could fail to fully emerge through the gumline, not emerge at all, or they may come in horizontally. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a swollen jaw, sore gums, or headaches. A simple x-ray can tell your dentist where your [...]

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Top Signs You May Have Weak Enamel

Weak tooth enamel means that your enamel isn’t doing its job to protect your teeth from decay. Tooth enamel is the hard and shiny layer over your teeth that essentially protects our teeth from hot and cold temperatures, tooth decay, and more! You may experience more cavities than the normal person if you have weak [...]

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The Impact of Skipping Your Bi-Annual Teeth Cleanings

Getting your teeth cleaned twice a year may not seem like a priority—you might have to take time off work, you might not have any problems, it feels like twice a year is too often. However, skipping those twice-yearly dental appointments has more of an impact on your oral health than just missing a professional [...]

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Can My Cracked or Chipped Tooth Wait?

Cracking or chipping a tooth can be an alarming experience, and the appearance of your smile is usually instantly altered when this happens. After the initial fright of damaging your teeth, you might feel as though you can wait to seek treatment treatment of your cracked or chipped tooth. But this isn’t true! Cracked teeth [...]

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Losing Baby Teeth: How Soon Is Too Soon?

It seems your child’s baby teeth come in only a few years before they lose them! Losing teeth can be an exciting time for your child, but how do you know what’s normal when it comes to losing those baby teeth? Children typically begin losing their primary teeth around age 6, but the time can [...]

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Can a Vegetarian Diet Affect Dental Health?

In a word: yes! Any type of diet affects your body, not just your dental health. When it comes to healthy teeth and gums, vegetarians need to be sure they’re getting adequate nutrition to support their pearly whites. Vegetarians tend to be much healthier than meat eaters, but their dental health can suffer if proper [...]

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Why Custom Mouthguards Are a Better Fit

Considering a mouthguard for oral protection during sports or for bruxism? Although the mouthguards that you find at sports goods stores are a cheaper option, their quality is often just that— cheap. Custom mouthguards are a better fit for teeth grinders and athletes for a variety of reasons. You may think a store-bought mouthguard is [...]

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Improve Your Flossing Technique With These Simple Steps

Impress your dentist at your next checkup by improving your flossing technique. There are many common misconceptions about the flossing practice that people don’t realize they’re doing wrong. With these simple steps, you can become a flossing champion and experience sparkly clean teeth and gums! An article by Dr. Nhien Lu. Originally published by Your [...]

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Out of Toothpaste? Here’s What You Can Do

We’ve all done it—you’ve squeezed that tube of toothpaste down to the very last possible squeeze, and the next morning you go to brush your pearly whites only to find that there’s none left. What do you do? Skipping brushing shouldn’t be your answer. You have alternatives that you can utilize until you can stock [...]

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